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Laotian Traditional Summer Festival

Food Booth Form


435 Wilder St.     Lowell, MA 01851         Tel (978) 937-9817          Fax (978) 459-0190



Organization Name: _____________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________________


City: _____________________ State: __________ Zip Code: ____________________


Phone (           )  ____________________


Contact Persons(s): ______________________________________________________


Types of Equipment you will be using: (such as gas grills with extinguisher)





Please list all items and prices sold:





Special request:





Please sign below after you read the following:


_______________________________________                     ___________________

Signature                                                                                   Date





Criteria for Food Booth


·        Food Booth must have Southeast Asian cultural component (Laotian, Cambodian, Thai, or Vietnamese).

·        Food must be cooked in an inspected and approved area such as a restaurant/ church kitchen/ temple kitchen etc… (Please call 978-459-0190 to arrange for inspection).

·        Gas Grills may be used if there is a fire extinguisher kept in the booth.

·        Gloves must be worn when in direct contact with handling food.

·        All grills must have caution tape (provided for you) surrounding the area of cooking.

·        You cannot change location once your booth location code is given.

·        You must attend the booth Orientation Day Saturday June 8, 2002 at 12:00 – 1:00 pm or 2:00 – 3:00 pm. Lao Family Mutual Association. This meeting will inform you of your booth location, rules, trash information, set-up time and break time down time. If you can not attend please send someone.

·        We will not have tables and chairs available, please bring your own table and chairs.

·        There will be only 10 food booths chosen on this 1st annual event. A portion of the booths will be reserved for non-profit organizations. Final selection for the booth will be determined by drawing name on June 8, 2002 3:00 pm at LFMA by the Executive Committee.

·        Throughout the whole day of festival there will be a booth inspector to make sure all rule and regulations are complied with.

·        All Food Booths must be cleared with the Laotian Traditional Summer Festival Committee.

·        Food Permit must be available at all time for food inspector to look at.



DEADLINE: JUNE 8, 2002 received by 3:00 PM / please have all Forms, Checks and Food Permit together or we will not accept your entry.


I understand that the fees for my organization/ business to be part of the event are:

  both non-profit and profit cost are $350 (Three hundred fifty dollars)


Please write check available to Lao FMA Association of Greater Lowell.

If you’re renting more than one booths please write separate check.


Checks can be made to: Lao FMA association


Thank you, for your participation in this 1st annual of Laotian Traditional Summer Festival.

If you have any questions regarding booth information or festival event in general, please call Nick Vanhnabouathong at 978-459-0190 Monday – Friday from 10am - 3pm.


Booth Request Forms can be mailed to:

Lao FMA association

435 Wilder Street

Lowell, MA 01851



Temporary Food Establishment Checklist



     Keep your hot food and your cold (Below 40 or above 140f).

-         Suggestion: use coolers for refrigeration and sterna for hot holding.


Use a food thermometer to check on cooking and holding temperature.

-         Use alcohol swipes to clean the thermometer.


When handling food:

-         Wear hair restraints (hats, hair nets, etc.)

-         wear (non-latex) disposable gloves

-         do not eat or smoke in the booth

-         do not handle money

-         use hand sanitizer


Prepared food must be from approved sources.

-         Food cannot be prepared at home.


Food must be stored off the ground.


AT the festival, vendors should be prepared to provide name of persons in charge, telephone number, and name of vendor.



Any question regarding this checklist please contact Lao FMA of Lowell

Tel (978) 937-937-9817 Fax (978) 459-0190