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Lao Family Mutual Association

Of Greater Lowell

435 Wilder St. Lowell, Ma 01851

Tel (978) 937-9817 Fax (978) 459-0191


The 1st Annual Laotian Traditional Summer Festival 2002


Booth Request Form


Organization/Agency Name ______________________________________




City ___________________________ State ________ Zip Code _________


Phone Number ________________________________


Your Name ________________________E-Mail _____________________



Description of Booth Selling





I understand that:

1.  The Laotian Summer Festival holds no responsibilities for losses or damaged equipment.

2.  The fee for my booth rental is $ _______________               

3.  I must keep Booth area clean at all times.

4.  Throughout the entire day of the Laotian Summer Festival there will be inspectors to make sure

     All rules and regulations are complying.

5.  I have read the following criteria for having a booth and agree to comply with these rules.

6.  Please Reserve before day of event (June 8th Saturday 2002).



SIGNATURE                                                                                                        DATE


Text Box: Booth Rental Fee's

Food Booths _____________________________           Fees__$350____

Arts & Crafts   ____________________________           Fees__$250____

Information Booth   ________________________           Fees__$100____